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资料链接 | Info links


Computer Languages History :

Unix History :

Windows History :


UltraTools :

IP-Suite :

  IP-Lookup : IPv4 and IPv6 address information (whois, location…)
  IP-Ports : IP port information and security scanning
  IP-Doc : IP documentation (RFCs…)

IANA :  |

AfriNIC Africa Region
APNIC Asia/Pacific Region
ARIN North America Region
LACNIC Latin America and some Caribbean Islands
RIPE NCC Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia

Root Server Technical Operations Assn :

Windows Sysinternals Suite :    |

NirSoft :    |    |

HijackThis :

Transfer Complaint Form/域名转移投诉表格 :

United Nations / 联合国 :


Get A Free US Phone Number For Verifications :

Free GNU/Linux distributions :

popular nonfree GNU/Linux distributions :


Open Source Data and APIs :

GeoIP databases and web services :


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